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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cinema checklist

1) What is the image?
2) What does it convey?
3) What did you want to convey?

simple, isn't it?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Can't a team be built on admiration?

Should the CEO always look at 'putting people in their place' and 'making them earn their money!'

Can't I just hire people because they are great in what they do?

And leave them to do what only they can do best?

Are there not humans any more who perform best under adulation and encouragement?

Are we all so shit scared that competence is something that can be extracted only at gun point? From inside jail-house-like rules? Competence as a result of insults and threat of punishment?

Was Pixar built that way? Was Apple built by crooked business men or visionary leaders? Google lives this way, doesn't it?

Work is actually a joy for certain people. They don't have to have guards breathing down their necks for them to perform well.

They have a far more worthy boss, a far stricter critic who they wish to satisfy.

They work to standards that they alone set for themselves.

And for the kind of people I am talking about, the barometer inside them is far more sensitive than any available externally.

And it is such people that built Pixars and Apples and Googles.

But for that to happen even the CEOs should be of such a caliber!

Well, hoping to be either one of the lucky souls in a company like that, some time, some day - either as an employee or as a proud (and rich) leader!

Like I told my friend the other day, hope on! Doesn't cost you money. Hope comes free. Theres lots of it here!

PS: Generation of money can actually be joyful and an end-product of a spiritual process of work! It need not be a guilty secret. "That guy is talented, but get him cheap. Ensure he doesn't know he is valued. Only then he will work well.' Balls!

Give it to 'em

Give the world what it wants from you. They will extract their pound of flesh before you are allowed to climb over them. And then one day they will call you their leader.

Then you will be free.

But that freedom is given to you by them. So you need to pay them with your flesh.

After all, they can demand from you only what they see. And they can never see you in full.

Give them what they see - it's nothing after all!

Some times I wonder if it wouldn't be easy if humans could read each other's minds - and brains, specifically.

But no. All they see is the flesh - the age, the qualification, the background.

'Anyone is good if already selected by someone else!'

I read that somewhere some time ago. How true!

'Oh you are XXXXXX's assistant? how many films? 3! Wow! Do you have a story? Why don't you give me a narration?'


Yes, I am that angry.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The problem is, lady, not that I have too much self respect.

The problem is with my 'hope'.

Beaten; still, at the slightest opportunity, it rises its shameless head.

It won't take a lot to say 'to hell with the world.' And stop believing in people.

It will only take all my life. And that's certainly not a lot. Certainly not to this world and to its people.

Hoping is a sign of weakness.

Now that you know my weakness, I hope - there I go - I hope you do not exploit it, like the world will.

The problem now you see, is not that I have too much self respect.

It is that my hope has too little.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Strewn Morsels of Life

For morsels of food they will scramble,
In petty talk their lives dissipate;
Slowly, grey will envelope their hair,
Into old age they will crawl one day.
Finally, there, in prostration they’d lay
Before a much diseased death.

Such are the people around me!
And like them – Ha!
Like them you thought I’d fall!

- by The great Bharati.

(A humble translation of a mighty verse by the great Poet Bharati, "Thedi Choru Nidham Thindru")