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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Speaker Stops Speaking

It's been long since I've given a "speech" speech. Guess I have realised there is actually not too many things that I would like to speak about to a huge gathering of strangers.

I will speak to them, I suppose I have said to myself, through my movies and my written word.

In any case one figures that the most valued speeches are the ones whispered, or not spoken at all!

Finally, the ones who really matter, will be pretty close to you anyway, so no mics needed!

Monday, July 10, 2006


Did my firend die, doctor
Just check once more,
He acts really well.

You don't know about this actor,
No one knows but I.

The first time I saw him
We were in line
A brilliant play we saw that day
Both he and I, a rupee between us
And a thronging mass of crowd
But not too much to block the sight
Of our heros there on stage.

I saw the Singer, upon the stage
He saw a fab actor in him,
Neither of us saw the today that was
Being born amidst that din.

A great actor he is,
Doctor, believe me say
Gem of an actor who never saw his day

Check once more doctor,
He acts really well.

I remember his father threw him out on the road,
He crashed on my bed, eyes teary
Then he gave the most brilliant performance
He cried and wept and sobbed in turn
And taught me the diffrerence between the words!

I clapped, he smiled, my mother smirked
"Mad they are," we heard her say.

A fabulous actor he is,
Doctor please wake him.

From that day on, our madness grew
I suppose what we shared can be called friendship,
I for one am just a singer, he can write well though
I want to ask him, what it was we shared.
Wake him doctor
He is only acting.

Ramu, wake up, the drama's over
As usual your audience of one,
Is here,

Wake up!

See doctor, how well he acts!

Wake up Ramu!

My friend, he acts really well,
No one knows this but I,
But even me he has surprised, now!

I know he's dead,
But for a moment there
See how this actor
This gem of an actor
See how he decieved me!