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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Beat this

You never pay attention to me,
Heavy with emotion, She panted
In gushes, blood oozed from her

Never once you acknowledged me
You don't need me, nor do you care for me

As She said this,
Blood poured out from her rhythmically

No amount of tears she shed
That day,
Could stop the flow of blood

"I am guilty," said he
"Of leaving you in the dark,
About what you are to me."

"I can die to show how much you mean to me,
But for me to die, you have to die first,
And that will pain me to death,
Apart from of course, killing me."

Putting a stop to this
Confusing train of thought,
She paused a second and held her breath

The Man started choking,
Just when he fainted and fell to the ground,
She started breathing again

And, not miraculously, he came to life

"Fool," the man said, regaining life,
"Now are you happy I need you?
I shall die if you cease to be
And maybe the reason I don't see you often,
Is that you are within me always."

She gushed, and started pumping blood again,
Satisfied that her man needed her
After all even cold blooded men
With cold cold hearts
Need to show they have their hearts
In the right place

She, if you haven't guessed till now
Was his four chambered, warm blooded heart.


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Beautiful Poem- Acquaintance

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