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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why should I continue in Filmmaking?

I have always feared this day.

When I was safely away from film school, I indulged in my passion for cinema. Now that I am half way through an organised education, I find myself at times pondering the dangerous question.

Must I continue in cinema? It's so boring. Going to the sets day after day, lighting things up, breaking actors down, getting claps fom people I am beginning to like lesser by the day.

Why should I continue filmmaking?

I can work things out in my mind anyway. I can continue admiring luminaries of the screen. I find my girl, settle down, lead an honest life and die away one day. Fine by me.

As for ambition - well, I am damn sure I shall make it one day at the - ok let me not name it - at the biggest film award in the world. I know it will happen. I also know how and when. And also what can prevent me from getting there. So, whats the point?

No. Yet, I can not give up on films.

I shall continue because of one single reason. The reason I came into filmmaking in the very first place.


There is no other reason. No music and there would have been no films for me.

What saved me by serving as reminder of this simple fact today?


Watch this, reather LISTEN to this. Its some very basic animation student exercise. Thats not what is of importance. Watch the short film in youtube for one single reason.

The tiny song in the end. Made by my friend.

The reason I want to make films.

Such music.