R S Prasanna

Spam that tries to be literature.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I do not fear heights
I mean not looking down from heights
That's vertigo
I mean looking up to them
That's virtue

Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome Meena

I could send you flowers
But I am no mushy man
I could send you poems
But my poems never rhyme

What can I send you then
To what say you mean to me
Shall I send you tickets to
The latest hit on the marquee?

That would be prosaic
Too ordinary a gift
I think I know what to send
That'll give our romance a lift

I'll send you my kid brother
My second cousin and his mom
I'll send you packing uncle Tom
And his third wife quite buxom

How better to say I love you
than to send you my family
Take care of them - they're not too bad
You'll learn to love 'em eventually

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deal with the Devil

I'll take from you your wife
the sum total of your wealth
Your friends will trun foes
Boils will erupt on your smooth skin

Death will evade you
As you'll beg her to come and
Give you solace with her kiss

Your children will spite you
Your neighbours despice you
You will not be remembered beyond your death

In your life you shall be numb
No senses of yours shall function

Flesh will turn you off
Wine will taste like water
Thirst of yours will never be quenched
In hell you shall rot

Now tell me
Do you really want it so badly?

I looked at the offer
I nodded yes

As God moved away with his haul
I was left alone on stage
The arc lights shone upon my face
My smile cast a shadow of joy
Across the lower half of my face

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I do see other girls I confess
I find them charming and nice
I wonder frequently if I must
Play again and roll the dice

The pull is there I admit
Men will remain boys
The eyes that can philander
Can numb my inner voice

If you have collapsed now in full
In fainting hazy shock
I offer you my hand to pull
You back to your hammock

This happens to the best of men
Its really not your fault
Fidelity should be taken with
A healthy pinch of salt

I haven't done anything wrong
Sight is not like touch
You cant crucify me for
Not doing all that much

Ok now the joke is off
I really was jus kiddin
No other woman in my life
No threat to our weddin

You may wake up now my love
I've just called my bluff
I knwo I've carried a joke too far
Le me off the cuff

Hello darling, are you there
My god, she's not breathing
Like fidelity she must be now
Taken with a pinch of salt