R S Prasanna

Spam that tries to be literature.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I do see other girls I confess
I find them charming and nice
I wonder frequently if I must
Play again and roll the dice

The pull is there I admit
Men will remain boys
The eyes that can philander
Can numb my inner voice

If you have collapsed now in full
In fainting hazy shock
I offer you my hand to pull
You back to your hammock

This happens to the best of men
Its really not your fault
Fidelity should be taken with
A healthy pinch of salt

I haven't done anything wrong
Sight is not like touch
You cant crucify me for
Not doing all that much

Ok now the joke is off
I really was jus kiddin
No other woman in my life
No threat to our weddin

You may wake up now my love
I've just called my bluff
I knwo I've carried a joke too far
Le me off the cuff

Hello darling, are you there
My god, she's not breathing
Like fidelity she must be now
Taken with a pinch of salt


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