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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Eklavyas

Today I am really proud becaue of two guys.

Guys I grew up with. Literally. They were there when I had outgrown my seventh standard trouser in my eighth standard and saw the tear across my dignity lengthening with a seemingly deafening, sadistic growl - in front of all the girls in class.

They were there then to cover my ... literally.

So these two guys who have been so much a part of me have made me so very proud today.

Praveen, Jithin. Jithin, Praveen. (To prevent disputes over First Billing)

Praveen acted in my film "Nambum Poi"


Jithin acted in another film, made by a friend of mine.


These guys were simply awesome.

I sat watching Jithin on screen, and for a moment yearned to get in touch with the guy, show him my films, and some how convince him to act in my films.

Thankfully - oh glorious thanks! - I realised I owned him.

And Praveen. Here's a link to a blogsite where, in the review of Nambum poi, the reviewer has in one word summed up what he felt about the guy's performance.



I am one lucky guy. Can't wait to start my first feature film backed with such supremely promising talent.

(Doesn't hurt also that for me they will act for free. But not for long. No, not for long at all!)

Dreams, here we come!