R S Prasanna

Spam that tries to be literature.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Bit of Love

In this digital world
Its always a Yes or No
Go, No Go
There cannot be a gradation
Even a point cannot just be
It can be zoomed in
Broken into and Lo,
Step by jagged step,
Another point found.

Between the Zeros and Ones of this
Pulse wave,
Exists my love for you

And since you resolve it
With but a digital heart
My pulsing gets filtered out
And all you get is what you can see

Yet I try, my love
For one day
Just like MB replaced KB
And TB replaced all else
Your mind shall open
And gradation shall flood in!

Ah, what a lovely day that will be
I will be visible to you,
In all my colourful splendor
Of one color smoothly transforming into another
And as your digital fingers
Seek in vain to find the creases
The point where one point becomes another
I shall laugh my analogue laugh
At your digital ineptitude

And feel your binary hands
Upon my infinite body

Love you, my digital Princess
Waiting for Moore
To make you see me one day,
Until then,

Thursday, July 15, 2010


For people who I see thrice in a year
For Gods that people have not seen even once
For causes I do not identify with
I have sacrificed myself
At the altar of society

The lamb and the butcher, both me
Khe knife I fashoined out of my will
The public audience called in by me
By my acceptance of their values, their yard stick

But it was easy for me to die
Their eyes never meant anythign to me
my Life had already been taken away

My wife and I could not wed, said they
Because lines crossed a certain way
In the parchment as old as us
The parchments were born a little later than us
Yet becasue they did not match
Their elders could not marry

So much for tradition
The parchment won

Now the two parchments lay waste
To live untouched, unmarried
And throbbing with life
Far longer than the people
Whose fates they ended