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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is God an atheist?

I was telling a friend today, "If God were an atheist, he would lack in self-confidence."

I sorely want to beleive in the existence of a God.

Someone who can reward me for my good, and punish me for my sins.

And not the other way around.

This world, I am slowly beginning to hate.

Not the mountains, the birds; nor the greatness of man, but just most men that inhabit the world today.

I am an atheist.

Never before have I so strongly regreted that.

It would be oh so simple, if only He were there to set things right!

Alas, seeing the putrid stupidity that today scars my earth, even God might become diffidant and disheartened!

Yes, I know, this is jus another gloomy day. I probably am overreacting.

Tomorrow I shall look back at this blog entry and laugh.

But tonight...

You may not believe me, but 'tis true... I actually googled this -

"Where is God?"

I need sleep.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


"I can see it in your eyes - you love cinema. By Goerge! Do you love it! But then there are certain people that cinema loves. Look at him. See the way cinema lets him make love to it!

Well, sometimes... just sometimes - no guarnatee - unrequited love makes good cinema ...

There's hope."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The One I Never Mailed

Dear my friend,

I know you are not angry with me because I did not attend your marriage. Robert and Joseph told me you looked great in your bridal wear, and your husband is prone to blushing once too often. Good for you; like I used to say, a ‘husband who blushes, fulfills one’s wishes.”

Yeah, my poetry is still bad. My agent is yet to call me. The last time he called, he left a message in my answering machine, about a deal he was sure to close within a day or two. It’s been a month, and the only thing that’s closed is the library down the street. The old man died. Henry, remember him?

He died of heart attack. It was two days before his body was dragged out of the pile of books. The old man must have wanted to dust the top shelf… pulled down the whole load on him as he fell.

The last time he spoke to me, he asked about you. “You and Liz are my oldest customers,” he said, “and the youngest,” he added, smiling. “But I am very angry with Liz, tell her that; she did not send me an invitation.”

I did not think that saying I too had not been invited, would serve to comfort him any. So, I smiled, putting the blame on the postal system. The old man had a wheezy, raspy cough then, but he seemed alright otherwise. Anyway, Henry’s gone now.

So, how’s married life? I realize it must be hardly a week after your wedding when you receive this letter, but isn’t that the most exciting period? Write me about it.

Henry is dead.

What does that mean, Liz? Death, I mean.

You were always the smarter of us two. I’m sure you have an answer to that. Write me.

Your husband seems to be a good man, Liz. Wish you a great married life.

Then, what else?

Henry asked about you. Oh, I already told you that.

So, how’s life?

Hope you have a great honeymoon. Is it the Alps, like you always wanted, or did the man in your life bring with him his own honeymoon dreams? Wonder if his friends knew about his dream place.

You should write me, Liz, about how it went. Also, the weather here’s quite-

I apologise, in fear of death, for every single word I told you three years ago.



Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Wealth and India" (Random Cribbing).

1) Is our 'culture' a growth-propelling, competence-rewarding, and wealth-creating one?

I will proceed to argue that it is not. This may only be because I am ignorant, but more likely because I am arrogant.

Which again my 'culture' detests.

I feel that we Indians have had no philosophical context to understand the process of wealth creation.

We have been taught to thrive in meagre living, or, excel in our work 'in a humble sense of social welfare.'

That is why I see so many of the 'newly-rich' software professionals and those from the service industry not being able to respond to this new condition.

Should they feel guilty for earning the huge pay packet? Or should they splurge like there's no tomorrow?

Which might be a reality, actually. With China waiting behind the hill to capture the Service industry soon.

So, theres no immediate 'tradition' to refer to when they try to comprehend this.

Where do they refer to for these answers?

2) We speak grandly of being a Super Power. Yet we love to bash up the US and other developed countries. Instead of trying to see what made them click!

Well, the sad truth is, the First Ranker in class never cared a damn about the failures belittling him from the back benches.

So this generation - I, and those that are to come - have to evolve a 'culture' of our own.

3) And finally, what really is 'India'? Or, to put it more specifically, WHO is 'India'.

It is 'I'

When 'I' create wealth honestly in my chosen line of work, when 'I' advance the bar of excellence a small notch higher, I am pushing the 'concept' of 'India' a notch higher too.

That is the truth. But we as a nation always like misappropriating an Indian individual's performance, and somehow by calling it an 'Indian' victory and celebrating it for days - we waste so much time and bunk college and office and sit and talk and talk and talk!

If some american discovers the atom bomb - "Oh, we indians have done that a long time ago. See in the Vedas!"

Damn it, what have YOU done?

Friday, December 08, 2006


God, I cried,
I don't understand,
This nanotechnology thing

A small speck of dust,
Pressurised and cold
Revealing unlimited
Power, I'm told

Molecular hammers - Atomic fire guns
Nuclear Nano tooling machines

Babble, Gabble, gobbledegook

God, I turn squarely to thee
Tell me what Nano
Should mean to me?

God replied
His voice sound-mixed
Minus 2db-Pitch altered

"Son," he bellowed
Thats me, I popped
"Yes, it's you,"
Snapped out the Lord.

"Nanotechnology, you ask?
Surely you know what it is!
Speck of dust - Potence unheard
Wrapped warmly in a blanket of cold
Always needing pressure to thrive -
Does that not ring a bell in you?

I waited.
It didnt.
I waited.
No bells.
I wanted to wait again
But then-

"My Man," he laughed,
"My man, my man!
"The answer is there right under your nose!
"You, Man, are an example of
The finest nanotechnology!"