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Friday, December 08, 2006


God, I cried,
I don't understand,
This nanotechnology thing

A small speck of dust,
Pressurised and cold
Revealing unlimited
Power, I'm told

Molecular hammers - Atomic fire guns
Nuclear Nano tooling machines

Babble, Gabble, gobbledegook

God, I turn squarely to thee
Tell me what Nano
Should mean to me?

God replied
His voice sound-mixed
Minus 2db-Pitch altered

"Son," he bellowed
Thats me, I popped
"Yes, it's you,"
Snapped out the Lord.

"Nanotechnology, you ask?
Surely you know what it is!
Speck of dust - Potence unheard
Wrapped warmly in a blanket of cold
Always needing pressure to thrive -
Does that not ring a bell in you?

I waited.
It didnt.
I waited.
No bells.
I wanted to wait again
But then-

"My Man," he laughed,
"My man, my man!
"The answer is there right under your nose!
"You, Man, are an example of
The finest nanotechnology!"


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