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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At the Theatre

I am sitting here, way past midnight
I havent spoken to you yet
Just a longing keeping me awake

I sit at the comp
I listen to the music
And all I see is a theatre
With a miillion people
My life's work there on screen

You weeping on my shoulder

The music shall rise and it shall cleanse me, my Love

And as all the million fall silent
A tear in each eye

I shall chide you for not looking
But you, my baby, can't look

Then the crescendo shall come
And there on screen shall kiss
You, I

Shall kiss the Man, the lady
And "The End" shall come bold on screen

Then the projector shall dim and flicker, but not yet!

Wait, there on screen
"Written and Directed by..."

That's when you shall rise and clap
Like your life depended on it
As if you were born this monent
And born for this alone

A million claps, a million tears
A million buoquets
Shall be thrown my way

But I shall sit,
and dear my Life
I know you will hate it
But I shall hug you by your hips and

Douse your evening gown
With tears that are twenty five years in waiting!

There on screen my name
A million minds seeing my work
The music cleansing me!

And your hips wiping my tears,
Your fingers kissing my cheek,
Your hug assuring me that
I deserve it in the end.

Thats the dream I had tonight
Only, I wasnt sleeping

I could not

Its been long since I spoke to you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful!!!...awe inspiring...ur work inspires others to come out with pieces of Art!! :-D ... waiting for your this special day of yours buddy!!

7:48 AM  
Anonymous writer's block said...

Beautiful indeed!...I wish I could write and express as well as you do!..I dont see any thing stopping you.
you are sure to have your name acredited buddy!

10:54 AM  

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