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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Art Is Living

And this, dear pal, is what art is all about, in my humble
opinion - a product of an artist when he is undergoing some mysterious
process, where his mind and senses unite, his creation and his life
unite; he sees himself, his art, life, and God, all at once, clearly
standing before him; and he seems to take notes....

And then, after that moment of purity, the unexplainable life experience, there on the table - would lie one clean piece of the artist, produced by his most purest
state of mind.

That for me is art.

Art cleanses.

In its creation - and appreciation - in any form, I believe, lies the
only few minutes in life, when one lives!

Thus, Live. Honestly. Your craft will improve automatically, to cater to your ever increasing standard of living!

You dont need anyone else, then to evaluate your art.


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