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Thursday, November 16, 2006

In Perfection

When I see it in my head
Why can't I make it through my hands?

What block still keeps falling between
My sight, and my sleight of hand?

The dam will burst one day I'm sure
And the block will go away,
But why should creation forever be
So violent,
Like your Big Bang?

Yes I agree after that gore
The music of nature more than soothed
The scar from that difficult child

But must I endure the tremendous pain
Of labour yes, but also harbour
A doubt, more paining in me?

What guarantee there is
That the work I deliver
Will be nature perfect?

Ha you laugh! Perfection for Man!
Impossible, you smirk.

It is only right, you whimper haughtily
For man to strive to be;
Perfection should exist, you say, in its job
Of existing always an attempt away!

Laugh, go on - you have all the right
Please continue laughing at me,
For I too am not silent!

I am busy mocking at you.

You are cursed with eternal imperfection
You who created the imperfect me!


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