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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Give it to 'em

Give the world what it wants from you. They will extract their pound of flesh before you are allowed to climb over them. And then one day they will call you their leader.

Then you will be free.

But that freedom is given to you by them. So you need to pay them with your flesh.

After all, they can demand from you only what they see. And they can never see you in full.

Give them what they see - it's nothing after all!

Some times I wonder if it wouldn't be easy if humans could read each other's minds - and brains, specifically.

But no. All they see is the flesh - the age, the qualification, the background.

'Anyone is good if already selected by someone else!'

I read that somewhere some time ago. How true!

'Oh you are XXXXXX's assistant? how many films? 3! Wow! Do you have a story? Why don't you give me a narration?'


Yes, I am that angry.


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