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Friday, April 20, 2007

Labour of Love

Filmmaking is a labour of love. In love, the only thing you're after is not the climax with your girl. Thats' there. In the end. It'll happen, and yes its great fun - but thats not the whole idea of lovemaking.

And filmmaking.

There's the tease, the flirting. The guessing game, the thrill of a lingering gaze allowed, the foreplay. Thats what's love's all about.

You miss that, you're a moron.

Don't sit there waiting for the final cut to move you to tears, the oscar playing in your palm - that's there, in the end. It'll happen.

Coming to think of it, lemme make a blind guess here.

That's probably what life is all about. It's maybe not at all about that Big Burst of Joy that you are waiting for. All too oten, the minute you get something that you so desired, you start wondering why the flood of ecstacy you expected never came in.

The world Started with a Big Bang, damn it - anything after that is no comparison! Does that mean its retirement for Diva Earth? Hell, no.

Having said that, there needs to be a climax. After you have read through the past coupla paragraphs, you'd be cheated if I said, hey don't expect a Big Bang ending to this post - your reward is the Process of reading.


I'd never do such a thing.

So here goes, my Big Bang ending -

Filmmaking - and as extended, Life - is a labour of love, but hey, I wouldn't be complaining if there's a good, mind-exploding, soul uplifting piece of Big O thrown in at the end!


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