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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Walk

The human is alone
In his path in this world

A circumventing path
That may lead nowhere.

In this lonely lil walk of mine
It seems immensely joyful
To have a soul like you
To hold my hand
And give me strength

I understand we're essentially alone
In the depths of our heart
Wondering if we're evil

I understand in this endless jungle
Fears are more than the dangers present

Alone in our minds, never ever to see
The jungle, in its full

Yet walking, step by step
In this path circumventing
That leads the walker back to himself!

It is highly odd, this
Two lonely, confused, wanderers lost
Helpless by themselves
Frightened, alert, seeking for answers,
Wondering at Joy, shriveling at tears

So wondrous that two limping limbs
Can together give a cripple his gait!

Thank you dear partner
My walk was eventful
In this event-less,
Infinite path of the Jungle!


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