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Monday, January 12, 2009

Why I may become a Slumdog Millionaire quicker, because of Slumdog Millionaire

First things first. I am not a slumdog.

Second things second. India is burning hot.

Not the weather, but in the international movie market.

My guess is you will see Shantaram finally getting made. (Mira Nair may be given Dimiki and Danny Boyle may replace her, but that's another prediction)

I see no other reason why Danny Boyle's film 'slumdog millionaire' has garnered so much critical and BO attention, and now the golden globes.

Don't get me wrong. I am only saying, given 5 equally good films, economics of market may form a huge factor in tipping the pointer towards one film. Especially if it is a film from a piping hot, new market.

This film is certain to be the harbinger of many (bad) India-centric films, but i am not complaining.

There will be demand for Indian talent on the international scene like never before, even directors and writers.

As always no one event can lay claim to a revolution. Each event plays its part. But one event finally acts as a trigger, or comes at the tipping point and pushes the wheels finally over the steep cliff.

So, kudos to many many 'cross-over' directors and talent; Mira Nair comes to my uneducated mind immediately. There are others. Many many others.

God, am I lucky to be born at a time like this!

Of course, I am gonna have it a lot easier now.

Or this could be my famous last words.\


Either ways, it has something to do with fame, so I'm happy!


Blogger Lancelot said...

I haven't seen the movie yet- but I am also wondering about the hype it has created and I don't understand why the movie(slumdog) and the book(white tiger) which has shown India as a bad country compared to other countries has been awarded...

6:05 PM  

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