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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Do I love you?

"Why waste time talking now?"

Do I love you?

"You really want me to answer that?"

I don't indulge in rhetoric

"I don't think you're in for an honest answer"


"Feels like you're in for something else"

I can manage both at once

"I should get angry -
Am I so boring?"

Answer me, or else -

"Wait... will you just - stop! - allow me to?
I cannot manage both!"

So, now - Do I love you?

"You want to know what my gut feeling is?"

I already know what your gut's feeling

"Then that should answer you"

I mistrust intuition

"You cruel man... you're hurting me"

What? Oh shit, I'm sorry, I could never do that!

"With your question, fool, with your question!"

Oh for a minute I thought...
Stop! - I'm trying to - stop! - say something...
What are you doing!

"Thanking you for your love!"

So you think I love you?

"Yes, and I think you suspect so, too"

How would you know?

"I can feel your suspicion rising."

----- R S Prasanna, december 2006

[PS: How many get it? - I wonder]


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