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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Absolute Truth

No he said
Yes said she

Black or white
Right or Wrong

Absolute Truth
Is all they want

God watched on
Shaving his stubble

'Kids, don't fight
Mama, take care of them'

'Oh your kids
Fight just like you'

Mama said from celestial kitchen
'You bought them the toys, didnt you?'

'But you gotta disipline them,'
God said, splashing Old Spice

'After all, they are you kids!'
'Hah' said Mother, 'Gods will be Men!'

Mama went and gave the kids
One sound thrashing, smack on their buns

'Give that toy back to papa,
Even he does not know how to use it.'

And thus the Earth
Was wanked from child's hands
And it bounced and rolled
And rested on the left ankle
Of God's hairy foot


Blogger jere said...

fight? what fight?!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Lancelot said...

and the fight goes on....

6:29 PM  

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