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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Bad Poetry of an essentially Poetic Man

Poetry is to make the inane interesting,
The mundane beautiful
And the arcane understood.

How else does one justify
Inventing cupid's arrow
For something
That is essentially hormonal?

Or bringing in mountains
Plains and the canyons
Just to say hey, he's my pal?

Why metre and rhyme
When plain words are what one thinks?

So much of poetry
Is masking the blandness of life

My problem is thus
Uniquely different
You see.

I am a poet
I think poetic
I feel poetry
Every sight I see is a poem
What hormones do to my brain
Is poetry at a level
Not understood by man!

So how do I
Convey Poetry
In a poem?

I cannot.

Thus my inane lines
Mundane structuring
And arcane thought process.

Forgive me, men.


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