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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Its been 24 hours in Berlin. My first trip to a foreign country. Its very cold and I am loving it. Every single thing is so neatly laid out here. The streets seem deserted, compared to India, and there is no noise at all. The first day was spent sight seeing, thanks to my nice Indian host in Berlin. We cooked up some basic Indian food for dinner after traveling to as many places as our cold and numb legs could take us. (climbing into trains and buses included)

From tomorrow I will be starting to attend the various Berlinale events. The Goethe Institute which is sponsoring me is extremely kind. They are doing everything to make me feel like I am actually a film maker of any significance at all! Thanks Goethe for that, I will strive to live up to the honour.

I am going to be meeting some film professionals, producers and business men. Hope something fruitful comes out of it, on the work front too.

Signing out now. Typing with cold and numb fingers is hard.



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